UBIQLIPSE is a plug-in for Eclipse that provides a WYSIWYG editor for the creation of UIQ 2.1 GUIs. UBIQLIPSE maintains an XML model of the GUI and converts this model into Symbian C++ code on demand, using an existing tool developed by Symbian.

A Symbian (UIQ) project called OpenQUB (developed as a stand-alone Java application a few years ago) implements a WYSIWYG UIQ editor. Their work provided the motivation for creating an Eclipse plug-in with the same functionality.

UBIQLIPSE is an open-source project that I started as the final-year (individual) project for my MSci degree at University College London. Interested developers are more than welcome to help at this point. Just send me an e-mail via the Contact page. You can also post any suggestions and comments you have in the Forums section on the UBIQLIPSE project page on SourceForge.

Current Work

I am currently working on UBIQLIPSE, but due to other commitments (including my last big vacation plans before I start my job in October) I cannot promise to do this regularly. Anyone wishing to help developing/maintaining UBIQLIPSE, feel free to contact me!

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Old news and Progress

For a complete history of changes see the News & Progress page.



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